I love sharing people’s stuff that I really believe in.

So today I’m going to tell you about Jeff Goins and his Tribe Writers course.

Jeff’s a friend, and he’s all about helping you “get the attention your writing deserves.”

His Tribe Writers course helps people grow their audience through a writer’s platform (blog/ website).

We’re storytellers, and we want our stories, messages, and voices to be heard, right? That’s why we grind it out to finish something we’re proud to share with the world.

Well, it turns out that people need to know you actually exist to be heard.

How else will people discover your writing or know where to buy your books? Do you really want to leave it up to luck or a publisher?

Why not connect with cool people, build trust, and offer your books to an audience already open to hearing about your writing?

That’s where Tribe Writers comes into play because it shows you how to launch and develop your writer’s platform.

You’ve probably heard these lines before:

“Grow your audience through a blog!”

“Take advantage of Social Media!”

“Go door to door offering people your brilliant words!”

Fine, no one’s recommending the last one, and I’m horrible at Social Media so I don’t know how to take advantage of it.

But building an audience through a website is becoming essential for writers. In fact, it’s the reason I launched this website just over a year ago.

I realized this blog would help me:

  • Connect with like-minded folks
  • Support them with stuff I’ve learned
  • Let them know about my debut novel and other writing projects

Straight up, I want to make money from my writing some day. I plan to be a full-time writer sooner than later, too.

Maybe you have similar goals?

Tribe Writers can help you reach those goals.

It seems like just about every successful writer has a strong online platform these days, too. It’s just a matter of how you want to position yours.

Tribe Writers can help you focus your uniqueness, worldview, and messaging.

I invested in Tribe Writers back in 2014 before I personally knew Jeff. The course helped me quickly grow this blog into what it is today. It’s helped me connect with kind-hearted, amazing, and influential writers in my space as well.

But please recognize this… While I’ve enjoyed some success with this blog, it hasn’t been easy.

Growing an audience comes with a lot of work. It takes time, and you’ll experience days (or seasons) of fun-ups and sad-downs.

But I believe it’s worth the ride!

Tribe Writers also connected me with my favorite Facebook Group. It’s a community full of Tribe Writers supporting each other toward our united goal of growing our audiences. (Jeff participates in the group, too.)

Jeff’s one of us. I’ve broken bread with the guy, and he genuinely wants to help as many people and writers as possible.

Anyway, I feel blessed to be part of Jeff’s tribe, and he’s a big reason our tribe at this blog is so strong. (Thanks Jeff!)

Here are two quick links to check out Tribe Writers…

Option 1  – (Click this link to check out the landing page, and and if you happen to sign up as an aside, I get a thank you commission and maybe it will help me pay for my airfare to attend Jeff’s Tribe Conference of 2016.)

Option 2  – (With this link, you can still explore the page and if you end up signing up, I don’t get compensated. But don’t think twice! It’s all good and no guilt trips. I just love sharing great stuff and I hope you check out Jeff’s course no matter what.)

Either way, there’s no obligation to buy or take action, just go and check out Tribe Writers if you’re interested in developing your writer’s platform and growing an audience!

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