Where Novelists Become Lucid Storytellers

At some point, you probably read a novel and thought, “I can do this. Actually, I can do this better.”

So you came up with an idea that no one wrote about yet. That idea swelled to the point your head would explode if it wasn’t unleashed. And you started writing your story because no one else could.

You dreamed it would connect with people.

But one day you got stuck staring at a blank screen or wondering how to connect your ideas and chapters. Maybe you just got frustrated reading the crap you left on the pages.

Well, it turns out that writing a novel can be a real pain in the azz.

Hello there, I’m David, and I know firsthand how hard it is to make this storytelling dream come true. That’s why I’m committed to helping novelists write stories that connect with readers.

My first story coach offered me a refund and said, “I can’t coach what I can’t comprehend.” (Ouch!)

Years later and I’m close to finishing the novel I’ll be proud to share with the world. (Finally!)

After years of writing, revising, and grinding it out, I’ve become lucid to the storytelling elements living inside novels and screenplays. These principles helped me discover my story and the craft in a new light.

Here’s where I share everything I’ve learned (and still learning). I create visual guides and publish articles that illustrate the building blocks of well-designed stories. I also share my take on this world through unique, helpful, and odd stories.

My ultimate goal is to help you confidently write, “The End.” (In less time than it’s taken me!)

I invite you to be among the lucid.


David Villalva (Vee-yahl-vah)
Lucid Storyteller (Self-proclaimed)

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