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At some point, you probably read a novel and thought, “I can do this. Actually, I can do this better.”

So you came up with an idea that nobody wrote about yet. That idea swelled to the point your head would explode if it wasn’t unleashed – so you started writing your story because no one else could.

You dreamed it would connect with people.

But one day you got stuck staring at a blank screen or wondering how to connect your ideas and chapters. Maybe you just got frustrated reading the words you left on the pages.

Well, it turns out that writing a novel can be a real pain in the azz.

Hello there, I’m David, and I roar in my sleep.

My growling wakes up my wife so I ask her what animal I sound like.

She says a lion. Then a tiger. Wait, now I’m a cub.

She giggles, she laughs. At me, and with, and that’s okay – because I know I’m a strange one…

* End frowned upon semi-dream sequence *

I’m strange with eyes wide open, too. I just conceal it much of the time.

Maybe that’s why I love to write. I’m more open with my keyboard, and I permit my strangeness to illuminate the page.

You’re a writer like me so I’m thinking you’re different, too.

If so, thank goodness because that means you’re unique.

Your uniqueness helps you create a story no other writer can duplicate. And a one-of-a-kind story has the ability to connect with people.

It can inspire them.

It may change them.

It must entertain them.

But before it can do any of those, you must develop your compelling story which only you can put into words. Assuming you’re open to a new perspective, I think I can help.

And I’ve become lucid to many storytelling elements living inside novels, screenplays, and more. These principles helped me discover my story and the craft in a new light.

Here’s where I offer my narrative on the story of life along with visual guides and works that illustrate the building blocks of well-designed stories.

My goal is to help you write, “The End” – but my deeper dream is to help you become lucid to the story of your life.

I invite you to be among the lucid.


David Villalva (Vee-yahl-vah)
Lucid Storyteller (Self-proclaimed)

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